Before You Fly

  1. Before your departure, leave a copy of the itinerary provided with addresses and phone numbers with a relative in your country in case they need to call you for an emergency circumstance, and go to the airport two hours before the plane takes off to avoid delays due to congestion inside and outside the airport.

  2. Take the credit card and cash withdrawal card with you and make sure that they are valid and that there is a sufficient balance for the travel period. Ensure that the signature or your photo is behind the card, and do not rely entirely on the cards, so it is better to carry traveler’s checks and some simple cash.

  3. Take a copy of the passport, driver’s license, credit cards, travel tickets and traveler’s checks numbers, and leave another copy with a relative in your country to ensure that it can be easily replaced in case of loss.

  4. Keep the vouchers and cash withdrawals made on your credit and electronic cards until they match the account statements upon return.

  1. Do not take precious and expensive jewelry with you and not a lot of luggage to enjoy easy and light mobility. Avoid carrying expensive small electronic devices except for the camera, as they may not pass through or be stolen from customs.

  2. Do not keep cash, travelers checks, electronic debit cards and credit cards in one place, and distribute them to adult family members in order to avoid losing them together or exposing them to theft.

  3. Avoid giving your credit card numbers to the phone to any party, and do not deal with them except with companies and institutions of good reputation, and when you pay the price of a good or service via the card, do not allow the employee to take your card away from you, and if that is necessary, follow it so that he does not use the card in additional purchases.

  4. When your checks are lost or stolen, inform the nearest bank, and contact the company issuing the checks on the phone numbers on the back of the purchase slip, and inform the police department to draw up a report on that. Buy any traveler’s checks that you purchase.

  5. When you live in a hotel or deal with an institution, do not deal except with its members, and avoid dealing with strangers, and beware showing the contents of your wallet or showing off the money you carry, and only use approved taxis and do not ride with strangers.

  6. If you are traveling by air, do not neglect to do light exercises to move the hand and foot to ensure the flow of blood circulation while you are sitting in your seat.

Tips That Refresh Your Thoughts

  • Make Sure All Bookings, Plane And Hotels And Any Reservations Need To Be Made Well In Advance Of Travel, This Will Avoid Confusion And Give You Time To Enjoy The Trip.

  • If You Are An Employee, Be Sure To Hand Over Your Work To The Employee Who Will Act On Your Behalf And Explain Everything Related To Your Work To Him, To Avoid Anxiety Throughout The Travel Period.

  • Give Your Children An Idea Of ​​The Country You Are Visiting, And It Is Useful To Read About Its Main Features, So They Will Rejoice When Seeing What They Previously Read About Before Their Eyes.

  • Prepare The Bags Well In Advance Of The Flight, And Keep One Bag Open To Place What You Suddenly Remember.

  • Take The Right Clothes For Your Destination Weather, And Take Precautions, Sweaters And Light Woolen Jackets.

  • The Medications That Family Members Take Take Place In The Plane’s Handbag, Take Some First Aid, Diarrhea, Cold, And Headache.

  • Do Not Put In Any Items That May Spill, Such As Shampoo Or Creams, Etc., Without Controlling To Wrap Them In A Plastic Bag. You May Spoil The Bag?

Children Cry
In The Plane

The child needs more than one companion in the plane. It may cause a headache to the passengers, as he does not refrain from crying for any uncomfortable exhibitor, therefore it is advised not to ride children in the first class in order not to disturb the passenger who paid an additional amount in search of comfort. The regulations allow the children to ride with one of the parents. In the same seat, but airlines offer low-price seats for young people, and it is best for the safety of the young and the parents to book a separate ticket at a reduced price for the small · Aviation experts believe that the young is saturated from sleep and does not need him when taking off, so they advise parents to take children to the airport in Their activity times, not at bedtime.

Pregnant woman’s

Pregnant women should avoid wearing tight clothes and shoes, wear everything that is comfortable to help her walk, avoid coffee and tea in large quantities, but drink large quantities of water and fruit juice before and during the trip. Avoid eating heavy meals before or during the trip, and they must do exercises To move the feet and legs while sitting in the plane for five minutes every hour to stimulate blood circulation in the lower extremities.

How do you behave while traveling?

Remember that you are not in your country, make sure that your children are not absent from your view, and do not stay away from your husband, especially in crowded places. In the event of any accident, immediately contact the embassy of your country to take the necessary measures.
Avoid buying too much and compare the prices in that country and your country. Tourist prices are higher. You must also remember increasing the weight of bags and customs during the return. And if you intend to buy gifts, it is best to set a budget in advance, and buy one type of gift for each age group. Children have similar gifts, as well as for parents or teenage girls.

Obtaining visas
and precautions

You must obtain a pre-entry visa for some countries through the consulates concerned with your destination and adhere to its terms and duration. Beware of brokers and visa dealers who are not authorized travel companies to obtain the visa on behalf of the traveler, and do not attempt to enter any European country without a legal visa.
Keep well your passport from being lost so that it is not exploited in a harmful work for you or your country and keep a picture with you during your wandering, and beware of thefts and monuments that abound during the summer holidays in tourist capitals, as it is advised to stay away from crime areas, drugs, AIDS and other deadly diseases.

Friendships with travelers

Friendships of travel are temporary, communication is only during travel. Therefore, when the summer arrives, it is not in the pattern of your friendships and do not forget that some travel friends do not have the advantage of light blood, curiosity, flexibility in dealing, and optimistic outlook, so do not stick to everyone you encounter so that your travel does not turn into a heavy burden on you. And on your family

Do not smile in the passport

One of the odds of travel is that the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs prohibited Canadians from smiling in the form of a passport, as Canadians are obliged to adhere to a neutral expression in their photos, which Canadian officials interpret that it will not be laughing, smiling, or frowning, in implementation of the recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organization aimed at facilitating the matter of campaign discrimination. Passports for security personnel at airports

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