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FromToAgeClassOne-wayRound Trip
MitigaIstanbulAdultJ1,419.000 LYD2,331.000 LYD
Y1,041.000 LYD1,814.000 LYD
B949.000 LYD1,618.000 LYD
H––––1,419.000 LYD
childJ1,419.000 LYD2,331.000 LYD
Y805.000 LYD1,433.000 LYD
B736.000 LYD1,433.000 LYD
H––––1,250.000 LYD
infantJ145.000 LYD217.000 LYD
Y107.000 LYD165.000 LYD
B98.000 LYD146.000 LYD
H––––126.000 LYD
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© 2021 All Rights Reserved