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FromToAgeClassOne-wayRound Trip
MitigaAlexandriaAdultJ999.000 LYD1,709.000 LYD
Y699.000 LYD1,313.000 LYD
B600.000 LYD1,120.000 LYD
H––––917.000 LYD
childJ999.000 LYD2,331.000 LYD
Y551.000 LYD1,433.000 LYD
B476.000 LYD1,433.000 LYD
H––––1,250.000 LYD
infantJ110.000 LYD302.000 LYD
Y81.000 LYD262.000 LYD
B71.000 LYD243.000 LYD
H––––222.000 LYD
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© 2021 All Rights Reserved