Dangerous Goods

For safety reasons, dangerous goods as defined in the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations, such as those listed below, shall not be carried in or as passenger checked or carry-on baggage.

Briefcases and security type attaché cases with installed alarm devices; or incorporative lithium batteries and/or pyrotechnic material.

Explosives,  munitions,  fireworks , flares, Sporting guns, Swords, Knives, blank cartridge,  Pistol caps and Fireworks .


(flammable, non-flammable, deeply refrigerated and poisonous) such as camping gas, Compressed gas, air cylinders and Aqualungs.

 Flammable liquids, such as lighter fuels, paints and thinner.

Flammable solids, such as MATCHES and articles which are easily ignited; substances liable to spontaneous combustion;

Substances which on contact with water emit flammable gases.

Lighters that need inverting before ignition, Lighter fuel, Lighter refills.

Matches are not acceptable and may only be carried on the person.

Oxidizing substances

(such as bleaching powder and peroxides).

Poisonous  (toxic) and infectious substances.

Radioactive materials.

Corrosives  (such as mercury, acids, alkalis and wet cell batteries).

Magnetized materials and miscellaneous dangerous goods and Apparatus containing mercury must not be carried in baggage.

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© 2022 All Rights Reserved